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2023/07/04 - 08/31


刘思慧Sihui Liu
张雨萌Yumeng Zhang,
程玺潼Xitong Cheng
尹酌仪Jwoi Yin
胡不为Buwei Hu
黄宝莹Baoying Huang
蒋睿超Ruichao Jiang





"Floating Sensations" is a contemporary art exhibition that focuses on experiencing the perspective of nature. In this exhibition, four female artists, Sihui, Yumeng, Xitong and Jwoi, intervene from different angles and mediums to show how we face the complicated world, how to explore the universe with imagination, and how to grasp the nuanced feelings.

Floating Sensations. refers to our awareness of the ever-changing emotions and experiences in our lives. Loneliness is a permanent state of life that none of us can avoid. When we accept loneliness and live with it, our perception becomes more nuanced and deeper.

In this exhibition, the works of the four artists delve into the theme of loneliness and the perception of mobility. We can see images from the natural environment, see the interleaving of body and consciousness, and also see the depiction of self and scene in dreams.

We invite you to step into this fantastical, colourful and emotional exhibition, where art meets the senses in the flow of light, sound, colour and material.

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