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Job Openings

All positions are none-paid volunteer jobs.





CAAN is a big family with inclusiveness, openness, warmth and harmony. Here you will find a group of people explore and create boundless possibilities in the field of art with common hobbies and ideals. We value collaboration, creation, exchanges with mutual learning and mutual respect, and we respect individuality and hobbies with appreciation of unique talent and inspiration.


We support the pleasant environment to free growth and development. For the expression of our concern and vision for society, we strive to create long-term value for the future of the world. CAAN hope to get more powerful resonance and interaction with more rich, diverse and interesting souls.


We sincerely look forward to having you join us!






1. 第一手的当代艺术相关资讯;
2. 近距离与国内外的艺术家的交流机会;
3. 优先考虑作品录入档案,参加后续展览;
4. 艺术留学、求职等相关一手资讯及免费帮助; 
5. 免费锻炼英语、法语等外语能力;
6. 成为主办团队的一份子,参与活动组织与执行,赚取经验值;
7. 和北美艺术界一线大佬(艺术家、策展人、学者)学习策展、设计、写作的机会;

8. 接触到各种有趣的人,拥有与中美艺术界人士交流的众多机会。


  1. Getting the first-hand information of contemporary art.

  2. Taking close communication with domestic and international artists.

  3. Being a member of organizerswith the participation of organization and execution of events for more experience and value.

  4. Gaining an insight into the business model of non-profit organizations.

  5. Contacting a variety of interesting people and get numerous opportunities to interact with the different  artists.

  6. Taking the priority for works to be recorded in files and be presented in subsequent exhibitions.

  7. Getting the opportunity to learn curating, design, writing, etc. for free with the top leaders in the artistic community (including artists, curators, scholars).

  8. Accessing to artistic information to study abroad and seek job, etc.

  9. Practicing foreign language skills for free such as English and French.

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