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Bringing Changes


Pioneer Salon

In order to promote the circular conversation between contemporary artists in China and the Chinese diaspora in the west, Pioneer Salon is held every other month in collaboration with renowned artists and scholars.  

Artist Present

Art is life, life is not only art. "Artist Present" will strive to achieve transboundary and interdisciplinary collaboration with artists and friends from all walks of life, where everything is possible.

Yan Jin_Touch it, Please dont touch it - Yan Jin.jpg

Tea Party

Just like Tom Marioni said: "The act of drinking beer with friends is the highest art form"—— a chilling conversation can also be another way to understand art.

Studio Visit

In order to build up community and let our artists know each other, we are hosting studio visit in several cities. New York, Los Angeles, Guangzhou, Beijing, and more cities are awaiting.

Yixuan Wu_something beyond the dearest daydreams - Hannah W.jpeg
YuYan_TheWardian - Yu Yan.jpg


CAAN aims to increase exposure for Chinese emerging artists in America and make a huge impact in order to amplifying the voices of artists.


We provide various workshops for art lovers and beginners in multiple cities. Dive into the art-making world with CAAN and enjoy a great time.

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