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Zimo Zhao/赵子墨

b. 1996

赵子墨,多学科艺术家,摄影师,画家和插画家。 2019年获得中国人⺠大学绘画系学士学位,2022年获得美国加州艺术学院硕士学位。 她的作品以批判的眼光看待对社会环境产生了深远影响的社会事件。 引用社会暴力事件、网红文化和女性安全问题,以身体为媒介进行批判,并将自己置身于她所创造的幻想场景中。同时,她也通过自拍的方式去探索自己的身份于社会的关系。作品被广泛展出于中国人⺠大学美术馆、旧金山艺术学院 Diego Rivera Gallery、旧金山艺术学院150周年校庆展 、纽约Upstream Gallery、Three Turns 迈阿密海滩等。并曾获得加州艺术学院Lillian Disney和 Bartman奖学金 、洛杉矶PvacArtcenter Now Trending: 5th Annual Alipay Scholarship等。

Zimo Zhao (born in 1996) is a multidisciplinary artist, she is a photographer, painter and illustrator. She received her BFA in painting department from Renmin University in 2019(China) and MFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2022 (United States). Her work takes a critical view of social events which have happened in the world and have a profound impact on our contemporary social environment. Often referencing social violent events, online celebrity culture and female security problems, using her body as a medium to critique and put herself into the fantasy scene which she created. And she also makes self portraits to explore and communicate with herself. Zimo Zhao has exhibited widely, including the Art Museum of Renmin University of China, San Francisco Art Institute Diego Rivera Gallery, the 150th Anniversary Exhibition of the San Francisco Art Institute, and the Upstream Gallery in New York. She has won the Lillian Disney Scholarship of the California Institute of the Arts. And she was awarded by Lillian Disney Grant and Bartman Grant, and the Pvac Art center Now Trending: 5th Annual Alipay Scholarship. Now she lives in Los Angles.

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