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Xinyi Mei / 梅心怡

b. 1997

梅心怡(b.1997)的跨媒介实践主要进行圈像和文本之间的转译, 同时结合媒介理论介入物质文化的视觉语言与表现形式。她试圉解释特定情境下的共生(symbiosis)关系 , 并研究戏仿(parody)与故事叙述(storytelling)作为推测性叙事的手段。梅心怡千2021年千罗德岛设计学院摄影系获取得艺术硕士学位。她的作品曾展出千纽约、 台北、 上海等多地, 目前作为客座讲师任教于同济大学。

Xinyi Mei(meimei){b.1997) is an artist and situation creator based between Shanghai and Jiangsu, China. Her multimedia practice oscillates between image and text while incorporating media theory to intervene in the representations of material cultu「e. She investigates and interprets the symbiosis in specific situations and examines parody and storytelling as means of speculative narratives. Mei received her MFA degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 2021. Her lens-based works, installations and writing practices have been exhibited in galleries and spaces in Shanghai, New York, and Taipei, etc. Currently, she also works as an adjunct faculty at Tongji University in Shanghai.

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