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Misia Yuan/袁明夏

b. 1998

艺术史与博物馆学学者,平面设计师、艺术家、诗人。1998年出生,现居美国纽约。本科毕业于武汉大学,硕士毕业于哥伦比亚大学博物馆人类学项目。她亲近黑暗与悲剧美学,关心反常规与边缘化的、被误解与被遗忘的,试图在后现代性下解离的倦怠社会中寻找暴烈与爱欲的回归。 Misia Yuan(b. 1998) is an art historian and museologist, also a freelance graphic designer, artist and poet. Graduated from Wuhan University, they got their Master Degree at Museum Anthropology Program at Columbia University of New York City. They’re fascinated with dark art and tragedies, caring about the abnormal and the marginalized, the misunderstood and the forgotten, and seeking the return of brutality and eros in this dissociated burnt-out society of post-modernity.

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