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Lanyi Gao / 高蓝祎

b. 1991

高蓝祎是生活在纽约的视觉/概念艺术家, 她的作品常以女权和自己作为中国/东亚女性的经历为主题, 她最希望通过作品从亲密的角度为女性提供建设性讨论。

在她最近的作品《贺卡》系列中, 高蓝祎探索了社会批判和讽刺之间的平衡。她以日本公司三丽鸥于上世纪90年代创作的卡通人物My Melody(美乐蒂)为主角 , 以她独特的文化视角来思考和展现女性力量。通过My Melody(美乐蒂)与观众之间的奇异对话, 蓝祎赋予了这个可爱的女性形象一种非典型的魅力和机智。其目的在于通过探讨女性在社会中常常令人沮丧的现实和地位, 将性别不平等的悲痛转化为积极的能量。 Lanyi Gao (b. 1991, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China) is interested in facilitating constructive dialogues based on shared female experiences. Based in New York City, Gao reflects on her background as an East Asian/Chinese woman and investigates traditional feminine roles in society and how they relate to cultural and socio-political history. Through her work, she scrutinizes the hegemonic status quo of the male gaze and aims to foster female solidarity and empowerment.

In her most recent work, a series of paintings titled Greeting Cards, Gao explores the balance between social critique and sarcasm. Appropriating My Melody, a 1990s cartoon character by the Japanese company Sanrio, the artist brings forth her own cultural perspective when considering female power. Sparking an uncanny dialogue between My Melody and the viewer, Gao infuses an atypical charm and wittiness into the cutesy feminine icon. The aim is to transform the grief of gender inequality into positive energy by addressing the often disheartening realities of the feminine and their status in society.

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