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黄楗淇 / Jianqi Huang

b. 1999

黄楗淇是一位多媒体图像制作者,出生于中国武汉,目前居住在洛杉矶,在加州艺术学院攻读电影与视频硕士学位。 她的作品倾向于从民族志的角度审视社会问题并创造感官体验。 她的兴趣包括但不限于集体和个人记忆、流散和殖民。

Jianqi Huang is a multi-media image maker, born in Wuhan, China, currently lives in Los Angeles and studies at California Institute of the Arts for MFA Film and Video program. Her works tend to examine the societal issues from an ethnographical perspective as well as to create the sensorial experience. Her interests are but not limited to collective and individual memories,  diaspora and colonization.   

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