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王峥 / Moham Wang

Co-Founder | Academic Director

瑶族,武汉人。青年策展人、艺术家、艺评人及作者,现居洛杉机。本科牛业于美国菜斯大学艺术史及纯艺术双专业,硕士牛业于洛杉矶加州艺术学院艺术批评硕士,博士就读于新加坡南洋理工大学艺术设计系艺术史论,主攻亚洲当代艺术,并获Research Scholarship (学术研究奖学金)。2019 年旧金山 MoNA(现代艺术)美术馆展览部首位华人实习生,并人选美国银行奖学金:2021 人选深圳空体“UFO 策展人”计划,并与厦门北欧当代艺术中心,成都 Notice 空间合作完成首次巡回展览“光合作用”。2021 年人选纽约“重音社”诗歌驻留,及四川美术学院“百川少海。国际艺术家驻留项目。

Zheng (Moham) Wang, born in 1996 to an ethnic Iu-Mien minority family in Wuhan, is an alumnus of Rice University with a double-major B.A. in Art History and Studio Art, and a graduate of California Institute of the Arts with an M.A. in Aesthetics and Politics. He’s currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Art, Design, and Media with Research Scholarship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He’s a curator, artist, and writer of critical, historical, and creative content. Wang’s academic works can be found in Aesthetic Education, a national art journal in Asia, and his creative writing in Hong Kong's Voice and Verse Poetry magazine, Taiwan's China Daily, the Vineyard Poetry Quarterly, Tsingtao Literature, Youth magazine (Nanking), and his installation and ink artworks in M.A.D.S. Gallery, Milan, Sine Theta magazine, Canada and Rice Magazine, Houston, USA. As a curator, he worked as an Exhibition Intern in 2019 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and later curated independently and collaboratively more than 20 exhibitions in China and internationally.

王峥 / Moham Wang
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