Pioneer Salon

In order to promote the circular conversation between contemporary artists in China and the Chinese diaspora in the west, Pioneer Salon is held every other month in collaboration with renowned artists and scholars.  


Frustrating Seriousness

Jiayi Hu

Jiayi Hu's practice, oscillating between serious investigation and absurd rumination, demonstrates an unrelenting inquiry into the artist's own subjectivity and situatedness in the world, while attempting to challenge the cultural categories and gender perspectives in her embodied presence.


Beyond Identity

Gong He

He Gong's artistic creation is rooted in his comparative thinking on the social, geopolitical and identity differences between the East and the West in the cross-cultural context.


Scene is History

Lianjie Zheng

After the screening of his three works, Mr. Zheng will share his creative experience and other precious documents that have never been published before, and have a round table discussion with Chinese and American scholars and audience.

Keeping Promise2003.jpg

Endless Shadowlands

Yunchang He

The screening of He Yunchang's documentary was successfully concluded. We would like to take you to review the wonderful content of the post-screening discussion.