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Artists Open Call

Our community started from the plight of students and young artists living in the United States. Over the years, after waves of several exchanges between China and the United States, many of us found difficulty finding and establishing effective communities. After the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, the world fell into a state of continuous crisis and many of us felt abandoned by any government. In the past two years, we have lived overseas, standing alone in the dual shadow of China and the United States. Blocked by two feuding siblings, we felt the threshold of love and reason is too far. We push through and forge our own path, determined to strengthen our voice while building an international community.

More than 50 young, Chinese artists have been invited to join our multi-platform (IG/Wechat/Podcast) community. Many of them graduated from Chinese and American art schools and are now building their careers as artists. By setting up virtual meetings with each other and established artists, as well has maintaining online groups, an effective feedback mechanism has been organically grown. In this environment, they can freely exchange life, creative, and industry resources; gathering into a cohesive and more dynamic artistic force.

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