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Zhiyu You/游芷瑜

b. 1998

游芷瑜是一位插画家和视觉艺术家,出生于广东深圳,现居纽约。 结合绘画技术和数字绘图,芷瑜的绘画语言是从她的中国的文化背景中发展而来的。作品展示了女性和少数族裔的不平等处境,以及人类、动物和机器之间的关系。

Zhiyu is an illustrator and visual artist born in China and based in New York. Combining painting techniques and digital drawing, Zhiyu’s vocabulary is developed from her Chinese heritage. The work shows the unequal situations of women and minorities, also the relationships between humans, animals and machines.

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