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Yujie Zhou/周宇捷

b. 1997

1997年出生于中国成都,现居芬兰赫尔辛基。她于2019年毕业于机械工程专业,是阿尔托大学摄影专业的MAAa学生。她的作品曾在Luxelakes等空间展出。A4 AArt博物馆和“镜子”项目,并曾参加叶山艺术家驻馆活动。周宇捷是一位以摄影为主,运用多种跨学科框架的视觉艺术家,包括运动图像、档案、文本和计算艺术。她从事的是离家不远的自我反思项目,试图质疑占主导地位的历史叙事和个性。作品主题是探索个人生活经历与主流历史叙事之间的关系。

She was born in Chengdu, China in 1997, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Graduated with a BE in Mechanical Engineering in 2019, she is an MAAa in Photography student at Aalto University. Her work has been presented in spaces such as Luxe lakes. A4 AArt Museum and Mirror Project and have been part of Yeshan Artist Residency. Yujie Zhou is a visual artist using mainly photography and employing a variety of interdisciplinary frames, including moving images, archives, texts, and computational arts. Yujie works on self-reflective projects close to home, seeking to interrogate dominant historical narratives and individuality. The main topic in her artistic work is to explore the relationship between personal life experience and mainstream history storytelling.