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Yongqi Tang/唐咏琪

b. 1997

1997年出生于中国,就读于华盛顿大学,并于2019年获得绘画学士学位,并于2022年获得硕士学位。她是Boyer and Elizabeth Bole Gonzales优秀奖学金和Puget Sound西北艺术家团体奖学金的获得者。“我曾在中美两国学习和工作,作品受到了两国截然不同的文化和意识形态背景的影响。我对与环境世界的互动将如何影响我们的存在感兴趣,通过绘画和绘画的行为来调查身份的社会建构,质疑和解构我在私人和公共空间中的角色。我的作品审视了自我形象的流动性,并与性别、取向和国籍等身份模糊性的更广泛的人类经验有关。目的是重新诠释我们自从出生以来就带有的标签。我会在作品中用到各种各样的材料,如油画、水彩画、丙烯酸和木炭。目前的作品以用餐体验为切入点,审视了我对原籍国的疏离,与对当前定居地的位移之间处于阈值状态的矛盾心理。作品审视了华人移民如何通过他人对他们的概念和他们所属的群体来看待自己,并在周围环境的影响下表现自己的身份。因此,身份成为了一种重复的现象——人既是自己,也是自己创造的项目。“

Born in China in 1997, Yongqi Tang attended the University of Washington and received a B.A. in painting and drawing in 2019 and an M.F.A in 2022. She is the recipient of the Boyer and Elizabeth Bole Gonzales Scholarship for Excellence and the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists Scholarship Award. "Having studied and worked between China and America, my works have been influenced by the drastically different cultural and ideological contexts of the two countries. Interested in how the interaction with the environing world would affect our existence, I question and deconstruct my roles in both private and public space by investigating the social construction of identities through the act of painting and drawing. My works examine the fluidity of our self-images and relate to the broader human experience of the ambiguousness of identity such as gender, sexuality, and nationality. The objective of my works is to reinterpret the categories into which we are born to re-articulate the discourse around them. My studio practices involve a variety of materials such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal. Using the dining experience as an entry point, my current works examine the ambivalence to be in the liminal state between the alienation from my country of origin and the displacement at the current settlement. The works inspect how Chinese immigrants see themselves through the concepts others have of them and the groups they belong to, and perform identities under the impact of the surrounding conditions. Identity therefore becomes a duplicated phenomenon – people are both themselves and a project they make of themselves."

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