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Ye Cheng/程也

b. 1992

程也,美籍华人艺术家,现定居于纽约。2016 年本科毕业于马里兰艺术学院油画系并在纽约帕森斯艺术大学深造纯艺硕士学位。程也的主要作品有油画系列《记忆地图》,《引退之所》,拼贴画系列《十二美人行乐图》,《小夜宴》,剪纸装置《如梦令》、《牡丹亭》。其作品曾在上海M50,北京树美术馆,洛杉矶TAG画廊,佛罗伦萨Palazzo Jules Maidoff展出。 在三个国家的五个城市生活以及作为第一代移民者在美国的经历使程也对多元文化身份有独到的理解和体验。程也通过视觉艺术对西方殖民主义引导下的“东方主义(Orientalism)”和“装饰主义(Ornamentalism)”作出反馈,对无处搁置的乡愁作出反思。

Ye Cheng is a Chinese-American artist currently based in New York. Ye Cheng graduated with a BFA degree in painting from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2016 and continuing her Master’s degree in Fine Art at the New School, New York. Ye Cheng exhibited in Pantocrator Gallery in Shanghai, China, Tree Art Gallery, China, Palazzo Jules Maidoff in Florence, Italy, and TAG gallery in Los Angeles. The experience of living between boundaries and communities as a first-generation immigrant in the U.S. greatly impacted her vision of globalization. Through art, Ye Cheng relates the personal challenges to the larger state of multinational relations and recalls the loss of Chinese heritage as an expression of displacement, mobility, disjunction, and self-recognition.

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