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Yan Jin/金延


金延是一位出生在中国上海的艺术家。她目前居住在纽约,在那里她获得了视觉艺术学院摄影、摄像和相关媒体系的艺术硕士学位。她的作品包括照片、视频、雕塑和装置。她通过扫描、修正、擦除等方式,不断重新定义现成的照片和物品;模糊了事实与虚构、存在与缺失之间的边界,使不同的二元结构相互对话。她在2021年获得了Paula Rhodes特殊成就纪念奖。展览和放映所在地包括美国、英国、意大利、塞尔维亚、希腊、韩国和泰国。

Yan Jin is an artist born in Shanghai, China. She is currently based in New York where she obtained her Master of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts, Photography, Video and Related Media department. Her works include photography, video, sculpture, and multi-media installations. She constantly redefines the found photo and found objects by various procedures including scanning, retouching, erasing etc; blurs the gaps between facts and fiction, presence and absence, brings disparate binaries in dialogue with one another. She received Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for exceptional achievement in 2021. Exhibitions and screenings include United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Serbia, Greece, South Korea and Thailand.

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