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Xiyun Xu/徐喜晕

b. 1995

在接受传统雕塑家培训后,徐喜晕开始从事跨学科艺术创作。 对传统视觉表现的质疑促使他重新构想三维艺术的形式。 受视觉拓扑学和流形学习理论的启发,他应用计算机辅助技术来探索他的艺术结构。 自然物和人造物的开裂和分叉成为他近期研究的对象。

After being trained as a traditional sculptor, Xu practices interdisciplinary artwork. The doubt about traditional visual representation motivates him to reimagine the form of three-dimensional art. Inspired by visual topology and Manifold learning theory, he applies computer-aided techniques to explore the structure of his art. The cracking and bifurcation of natural decay came to be the object of his recent studies.

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