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Xiong Wei/熊伟

b. 1993

熊伟,中国当代艺术家/雕塑家,现居美国布鲁克林/泽西城。 他对人与人之间的情感纽带和理性关系、人的身体和物体的身体之间的关系、以及人类作为自然界物种之一所扮演的角色感兴趣。 以他人之死为生,这句话概括了他最近的担忧。 然而,它所描述的自然法则似乎与我们人类现在所主张的文明和平等格格不入。 人类是一个似乎在其他生物中占主导地位的物种,但同时只是生物圈中很小的一部分。

Xiong Wei is a Chinese contemporary artist/sculptor based in Brooklyn/Jersey City. He is interested in the emotional bond and rational relationships among people, between human body and objects’ body, the role of humanity playing as one of the species in our nature. Living by other's death is the phrase that sums up his recent concerns. It described the rule of nature, however, seems incompatible with what we humans now claim civilization and equality. Humans are one species that seems to be dominant to other creatures but meanwhile just a tiny part of the biosphere.

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