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Xiaoze Zhang/张小泽

b. 1999

张小泽,1999年出生于中国沈阳,目前在格拉斯哥艺术学院学习绘画硕士专业。她的艺术作品侧重于绘画、动画和装置,展示她对多学科领域的兴趣,特别是精神分析和社会学。 在本科学习期间,小泽专注于创作基于她自己的经历和情感的动画作品,以及它们与社会的关系。最近,她转而分析绘画所能带来的内在力量。通过改变事物的颜色和结合不同的场景构图,她作品中的碎片化、拼贴和跳跃的元素给观众带来不同的感受。小泽目前的作品大多来自于梦境,因为她意识到梦境是一种潜意识的反应,是对人们现实生活反应的夸张。因此,她的作品是将梦境视觉化的尝试。

Born in 1999 in Shenyang, China, Zhang Xiaoze is currently studying for an Master in Painting at Glasgow School of Art. Her artworks focus on painting, animation and installation, showing her interests in multi-disciplinary areas, especially psychoanalysis and sociology. During undergraduate studies, Xiaoze concentrated on creating animation works based on her own experiences and emotions, as well as how they relate to society. Recently, she switched to analyzing the inner power that painting can bring about. By changing the colour of things and combining different scene compositions, the fragmented, collaged, and jumpy elements in her artworks give the audience a different feeling. Xiaoze's current works are mostly inspired by dreams since she is aware that dreams are a subconscious response and an exaggeration of people's real-life reactions. Therefore, her works an attempt to visualize dreams.