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Weiyang Gao/高伟洋

b. 1993


Weiyang Gao is a Chinese artist who currently works in Chicago, US. Wei received his BFA in 2018 from Boston University and his MFA in painting and drawing in 2021 from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Wei’s paintings blur the categories of figuration and abstraction. Within them, He utilizes themes of pattern, space, and light in relation to the human body to discuss and critique the constructions of systems of belief. During his creating process, he reduces the human figure into its most basic forms, then repeats the figure over and over again until the individual is lost in a collective pattern. He uses this visual language to bring his insight into the many ways people have used and abused culture and history to create barriers and divisions within the broader spectrum of humanity. Within his paintings, he addresses the feelings of being oppressed by those barriers and aims to find a place that transcends culture and history.

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