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Tiantian Ma/马天天

b. 1997

天天是一个相信灵性的人。在超验主义的影响下,天天对自然有着深厚的感恩和欣赏,她强调人类与自然的和谐与共鸣。她相信人类与自然有着共有的灵魂。 同时,天天探索如何将生活经验的主观性与这个精神上、本质上不可知的世界结合起来。她试图捕捉日常生活里抽象的灵性闪光点。在直觉的引导下,她想象了一个万物有灵并互相通感的世界,就像她最爱的一首诗:“我与你是一体的…我既是万物也是万物的一面。” (沃尔特·惠特曼,自我之歌)

Tiantian embraces her spirituality. Under the influence of Transcendentalism, Tiantian has deep gratitude and appreciation for nature, and she emphasizes that humans would have harmony and resonance with nature. She believes that humans and nature share a universal spirit. Meanwhile, Tiantian explores how to square the subjective nature of lived experience with the spiritual, inherently unknowable world. She tries to capture the shining moments of divinity/spirituality from everyday life. Under the guidance of instinct, Tiantian imagines a world where animism and empathy, as her favorite poem: “I am integral with you…. I too am of one phase and of all phases.” (By Walt Whitman, Song of Myself)

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