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Suyi Xu/徐苏宜

b. 1996

目前工作生活于纽约布鲁克林,她从巴纳德学院(纽约)取得艺术史和视觉艺术学士学位,之后就读于视觉艺术学院(纽约)美术系,并于2022年取得艺术硕士。徐苏宜的绘画是对空间、室内和建筑的沉思,进而演变成对色域的冥想。她引入历史参考和象征元素,依靠内观思考而不是直接观察来绘画。通过艺术家仔细地触碰、抚摸和刷上一层层的油画颜料,每张作品的形态随着时间的推移聚集而成,微妙的色域变化浮现透出。通过操纵透视、取景和色彩选择,她意图将作品题材与形式意识融为一体,并解决二维平面和思维幻觉之间的矛盾。她的作品主题是对当代社会的精神危机的回应,她采用的方法则是由神圣意图驱动、发自内心的与绘画媒介的密切接触。(Translation in courtesy of Fou Gallery)

Suyi Xu is a painter who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, Suyi Xu earned her B.F.A. in Art History and Visual Arts from Barnard College (New York) and her M.F.A. in the Fine Arts Department of School of Visual Arts (New York) in 2022. Xu’s paintings are meditations on space, interiors, and architecture that morphs into meditations on color fields. By interjecting historical references and idiosyncratic symbolic elements, she paints through speculation and inward thinking instead of direct observation. Each work is touched, caressed, and brushed with layers of oil paints to allow forms to build up over time and colors to emerge underneath. By manipulating perspective, framing, and chromatic choices, she aims to merge subject matter with a formal consciousness and to resolve the tension between two-dimensionality and illusions. Her subjects are responses to the spiritual crisis of contemporary existence, and her method a visceral engagement with the painting medium driven by the idea of a sacred intent.

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