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Anna Danyang Song/宋丹杨

b. 1998



Danyang was born in China, she received her bachelor from Tsinghua University, and her MFA from the Ceramics department in Rhode Island School of Design. She used to work as a researcher at the Institute of Tea Ceremony Art in Tsinghua University, now she join the School of Visual Arts at New York City as Ceramic Studio Manager. Her works have participated in many international exhibitions in United States and China, and her works have been collected by Tsinghua University.

Danyang translats different invisible emotions, feelings and symbiotic relationships. Explore the Traditional Chinese Humanistic Philosophy of 'Tian Ren He Yi'.

The interwoven relationship between human, nature and machine is complicated yet beautiful. She explores how visceral emotion, feeling, language and communication all play an important part of how our bodies react, to visualize this invisible feeling. She attempts to visualize the mystery of the human body and society through various ceramic and glass techniques, such as hand-building, blowing and ceramic 3D printing. Using different methods of combining and stressing the material, capturing that resistance and embracing the outcome through a series of making and remaking of a specific object. She also explores the symbiotic relationship between human, nature and technology through combining 3D printing technique and hand building technique together. Creating a tranquil meditation space that evokes deep contemplation.

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