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Rui Shu/殳芮

b. 1990


”一件商品遭到抵制,或是脱销,在信息发达的今天都是一瞬间的事情。我们的消费行为无时无刻不受到社交软件,网络媒体,甚至是假新闻的操纵。由于全球化,我们今天所发生的一切都有所关联,似乎没有人可以独善其身,作为一个普通消费者,我身在其中,得其益,受其害,我的艺术也源于此。我是画画的,我的绘画基于现实,基于我的消费记录。 我在2018的时候开始创作系列名为《丰盛的尽头》的油画,那一年美国前总统特朗普发动了对华贸易战,我身在欧洲安逸的小城,目睹了媒体上发生的事情。这就像那柄被一根马鬃悬在头顶的达摩克利斯之剑一样,即便拥有当下的丰盛,仍让我觉得不安。所以我决定将发生的事情通过我的消费选择记录下来。“

Shu Rui was born in 1990 in Suzhou, Jiangsu province. In 2020, she graduated from the Art Department of Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Limoges in France.

”A product is boycotted, or out of stock, in the information developed today is a matter of a flash. Social media, online media, and even fake news manipulate our consumer behavior all the time. Because of globalization, everything that happens to us today is connected, and it seems that no one is immune from it. As an ordinary consumer, I am in it, benefiting from it, suffering from it, and my art comes from it. I draw, I draw based on reality, based on my consumption record.

I started working on a series of oil paintings called The End of Abundance in 2018. In that year, former US President Trump launched a trade war against China. I was in a small and comfortable town in Europe, watching what was happening in the media. It's like the sword of Damocles suspended by a horse's mane, which, even with its present abundance, makes me uneasy. So I decided to document what was happening through my spending choices.“

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