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Moni Chen/陈摸泥

b. 1996

“我从来不是一位艺术家,甚至害怕成为它……我无非像弗里达那样,“只画自己的现实”。 虽自幼就喜爱以绘画的方式表达自我,但大学学习了西班牙语,毕业后直接飞往拉丁美洲开始了为期四年的市场营销工作。拉美的热烈多彩、民族融合、殖民与反殖民、流行拉丁文化、忧伤文学、被割开的血管……给我的性格打上了难以磨灭的深刻印记,以至于现在自认为一半东亚人一半拉美人。 我通过绘画、摄影所记录的画面,从来都不是宏大深邃的主题,或遥远彼岸的故事,而是日日夜夜发生在自己周遭的经历:身为跨文化者、身为在男性主导的职场文化中打拼的女性、身为在儒家文化中的适龄未婚青年……的所思所想,以及所遇经历带给我的反馈。”

“I've never been an artist, and I'm afraid to be one… The thing is, simply like Frida, “I paint my own reality". Although I love expressing myself by painting since child, I chose Spanish Philology as my bachelor degree. After graduation, I flew directly to Latin America and started a four-year term full-time marketing career. The warm and colorful scene, ethnic fusion, colonization and decolonization, pop Latin culture, melancholy literature, open veins of Latin America... have left an indelible mark on my character, so much that I now consider myself half East Asian and half Latin American. The scenes that I create through painting and photography are never about grand and profound themes or stories from another world, but the experiences that happen around me day and night: as a person adapting in cross-cultural environment, as a woman working in a male-dominated area, and as an unmarried youth unable to get rid of traditional Confucian culture... I capture my thoughts, as well as the feedback from those experiences.”

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