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Marcel Wang/王怡然

b. 1998

王怡然 (b.1998) 是一名居住在纽约的中国艺术家和设计师。她主要从事互动装置、音乐表演和虚拟制作。王怡然的艺术创作极具主观性与经验性,她常从亲身经历,日常行为与思考中受到启发。她的装置作品结合普通材料的物质属性,通过机械动力学系统构建起物质与情感联结,探索人类意识与集体经验的相互渗透,同时她喜欢用声音为主要媒介探索物质,自然运动与物理定律,以浪漫与冥想的声音交互验诠释物质最基本的运动与能量。这些作品表达了某种系统结构上的秩序与结果的不可预测之间的张力。她将自己的私人情绪体验用不同的媒介转译为一种诗意化的公共物质表现。在观众的接收中,作品本身被其私人经验瓦解与重构,内化为观众自己的情感体验与回忆。王怡然于2020年获得油画学士学位, 最近获得了纽约大学Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) 的硕士学位。她曾在纽约电声即兴峰会、芝加哥M0CO 22’会议和纽约大学的NIME 演出。她的作品曾在费城 HOT‘BED 画廊 、Culture-hub Re-fest 2022、Art Number 23 和上海BROWNIE/ 项目等展出。

Marcel Yiran Wang(b.1998) is a Chinese artist and designer based in New York. She mainly works on interactive installations, music performances, and virtual productions.

Marcel‘s artistic creations are highly subjective and empirical often inspired by her oOwn experiences, daily actions, and reflections. Her installations combine the physicality of common materials, constructing material and emotional connections through mechanical dynamics systems and exploring the interpenetration of human consciousness and collective experience. While she likes to use sound as the main medium to explore objects, natural movement, and physical laws, interpreting the most basic movement and energy of matter through romantic and meditative sound interactions. These works express the tension between a certain systematic structural order and the unpredictability of the results.

She translates her private emotional experiences into a poeticized common expression using different mediums. In the reception of the viewer, the work itself is disintegrated and reconstructed by its private experience, internalized into the viewers own emotional experience and memories.

Marcel received her Bachelor’s degree in oil painting in 2020 and recently received her Master‘s degree from New York University’s Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). She has performed at NYC Electroacoustic Improvisation Summit MOCO 22‘ Conference in Chicago, and NIME at NYU. Her works have been shown in HOT’BED Gallery in Philadelphia, Culture-hub Re-fest 2022, Art Number 23, and Brownie/Project at Shanghai, among others.

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