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b. 1999

尹酌仪(本名尹卓仪),出生并成长于北京,本科毕业于美国俄亥俄州立大学纯艺术专业。在两种不同文化的影响下,她的想象力在绘画中产生了奇妙的效果。她痴迷于描绘生活中的美好,同时也在探索着艺术与视觉传达的融合。 即将赴往中央圣马丁艺术学院攻读硕士的她在不同文化中的艺术修行仍在继续… “从主题和色彩不难看出,我的作品始终不缺乏乐观主义和浪漫主义元素。我相信在这个世界上有一个隐约可见的空间,聚集着人们的自信和从容。如果这个空间不时会与人交织在一起,那我一定是经常光顾它的人。最令我欣慰的是每次我从那个空间回来,我都会把‘纪念品’带到我的作品中。 事实上,我身边有很多朋友都长期经受抑郁症的困扰,而我感受到的大部分痛苦都是通过与他们的共情。虽然我感恩我所有的经历与情感,但周围人的挣扎仍然会让我感到伤心。在我看来,如今的人们在情感表达上非常克制。我想用自己的创作来表达我和我周围的人对美好事物的追求。画画是我最常用的方式。除此之外,生活中的一切都可以作为我创作的媒介。作为我作品中情感和氛围表达的主要载体,色彩的选择和组合是非常不可或缺的。”

Jwoi (Zhuoyi) Yin is based in Beijing and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Art. Her imagination has produced beautiful results in drawings and paintings, under the impact of two different cultures. Addicted to depicting the beauty of life, she is also exploring the combination of art and visual communication. She is going to study for a master's degree in Central Saint Martins College of Art. Her artistic practice in different cultures is continuing... "Through subject matter and color, my work has always focused on the pleasant, never lacking elements of optimism and romanticism. I believe there is a looming space in this world that collects people's confidence and calm. If this space is interlaced with people from time to time, I must be the one who often patronizes it. The most gratifying thing for me is that I bring the 'souvenirs' to my artwork every time I come back from that space. In fact, there are many friends around me who have suffered from depression for a long time, and most of the pain I feel is through empathy with them. Although I appreciate all my experiences and emotions, the struggles of the people around me still make me feel sad. In my opinion, people today are very restrained in their emotional expression. I am willing to express the pursuit of beautiful things by myself and the people around me in my own creative way. Drawing and painting are the most common ways of mine. In addition, everything in life can be used as the medium of my creation. As the primary carrier of emotion and atmosphere expression in my works, the selection and combination of colors are indispensable."

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