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Jing Dong/董静

b. 1990

董静是一位出生于中国的新媒体艺术家和软件工程师 , 目前居住在加利福尼亚州洛杉矶。2021年,她获得了加州艺术学院 (CalArts) 的艺术与技术/综合媒体硕士学位。她的艺术实践包括互动装置、声音视觉体验、软件艺术和人工智能艺术。近年来 ,她探索了计算美学 、后人类、自治系统和交互创新的概念。曾参加 Ars electronica, Re: connections, JACCC Release: Heard in LA Exhibition, Digital Futurey Coaxialarts Art + Technology 等展览。Jing 的作品尝试跨学科和思辨的可能性。她的作品试图突破我们对科技和未来的共同定义,批判社会问题,探讨科技与人、文化的复杂关系,关注科技如何使人边缘化,以及被技术控制的身体和情绪。她的作品融合了艺术、技术和科学,并动态地实验它们的边界。

Jing Dong is a media artist and technology developer born in China,and currently based in Los Angeles,California. In 2021, she received her MFA in art and technology / Integrated Media from CaliforniaInstitute of the Arts (CalArts). Her art practice includes interactive installations, sound-visual experiences, software systems, and artificial intelligence art. She explored the concept of computational aesthetics, posthuman, autonomy systems, and interaction innovation in recent years. She's attended the exhibition of Ars electronica, re: connections, JACCC Release: Heard in LA Exhibition, Digital Futurey, Coaxialarts Art + Technology, etc. Jing's work experiments with interdisciplinarity and speculative possibilities. Their intent is to break through our common definitions of the future and critique the problems in society, forging a path for the care of marginalized communities. Jing states, “1am an artist who is both rational and emotional. embrace the changes brought on by merging art, technology, and science. 1also think the boundaries in the art should be approached and altered dynamically.“

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