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Haijing Chen/陈海菁

b. 1997



Haijing Chen was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong and studied academic art painting since childhood. In 2019, she received a bachelor degree in illustration from the School of Visual Arts and received a master degree in fine arts from the Art Center School of Design. Her work includes paintings, installations and performance. She is interested in self-control and discipline in daily behavior and within the process of art making. Recently, she also focuses on women's self-examination. She sees contemporary art as a language, one for communication and one for self-expression. No matter how the medium changes, her work always focuses on some repetitive and numbing behaviors, making the viewers rethink the unconscious part of their behavior.

Her early work are mainly drawings, and she is good at using different materials such as wood burner, silverpoint, needle pen and pencils to create fine line effects. She focuses on the theme of people as a group, who have repeated behaviors in a longer time dimension, which resulted in the impact on nature and their own changes. After encounter the richer ways of expressions of contemporary art, she began to try to give her work more dimension of interpretation through richer materials and media, combined with space. In the process of creation and study, the artist's self-analysis becomes more and more profound, the discussion on the identity of women gradually appears in her works. The themes of her most recent work, focusing on paintings cover women's self-discipline, eating disorders, and acceptance of the female body. Currently the artist lives and works in Beijing, and continues to explore the potential of expression through his creations.

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