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Beihua Guo/郭备华

b. 1998

​郭备华,1998年生于中国上海,毕业于美国匹泽学院 (Pitzer College),目前工作生活于洛杉矶和上海。他的景观摄影与装置艺术作品探索人与自然的脆弱关系,以及自然环境与建成环境的界限。他的入围奖项包括 “三影堂摄影奖”,“BarTur摄影奖”,“PDN学生摄影奖”等。他的近期主要群展包括 “共振:2020年度(第十二届)三影堂摄影奖作品展”,“意大利帕多瓦国际摄影节” 等。他曾任美国石化林国家公园、拉森火山国家公园、⻩石国家公园驻地艺术家。

Beihua Guo (b. 1998) was born in Shanghai, China. He is an artist based in Los Angeles and Shanghai. He received a BA in studio art and environmental analysis from Pitzer College, California. His photographic and installation work explores human’s fragile relationship with nature, as well as the vanishing boundary between the natural and the built environment. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including Three Shadows Photography Art Centre and Photo Open Up International Photography Festival. He has been awarded artist residencies in Yellowstone National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, and Petrified Forest National Park.