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Baolong Song/宋抱龙

b. 1997

宋抱龙出生于昆明云南, 通过摄影已震撼且永恒的视角创作并记录着他所不断想象和洞察的美。他拥有永恒的视野、强大的想象力和与自然有关的深刻的自我意识。他对经典摄影师的广泛收集和研究激发了他广泛的作品,创造了一种个人语言,其特点是微妙的亲密和大胆的情感的微妙平衡。

Bao is an artist of timeless vision, powerful imagination and profound sense of self in relation to nature. His extensive collections and studying of classic photographers have inspired his wide range of works, creating a personal language characterized by the fine balance of delicate intimacy and bold emotion.

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