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Alice Yutong Hua / 华雨桐

b. 1995

华雨桐 Alice,1995年出生于上海。现生活和工作在中国、美国和加拿大。作品主要以装置、绘画为主。高中毕业于加拿大St. Michael’s University School。曾在美国科尔比学院(Colby College)、芝加哥艺术学院(School of the Art Institute of Chicago)学习视觉艺术、音乐、化学、雕塑、戏剧和摄影。 热爱阅读与写作,深受中外虚构文学和古诗词中观察、体验、表达以及审美趣味的影响。大三(Junior Year)时从化学专业转修纯艺术。此后创作作品主要以抽象形式,运用多种材料探索自然与人造,随机与具象,生长与衰退的关系。


Alice Yutong Hua was born in 1995, Shanghai. Now lives and works in China, the US, and Canada. Her practice focuses on implementing concepts into installation and painting. She graduated from St. Michael’s University School in Victoria, BC, Canada. She then studied visual arts, music, chemistry, sculpture, theatre, and photography at Colby College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has a great passion for reading and writing. She is deeply influenced by observation, experience, expression, and aesthetic preferences from fictional literature and ancient Chinese poetry. She transferred from a science to a fine art major in her junior year of college. Then she began her exploration of nature and artificiality, randomness and embodiment, organization, and entropy.

“Things that exist naturally (≠Nature) do not always provide direct explanations. They do not articulate themselves into statements, forms, or signs. After tracing every principle element like color, material, dimension, light condition… the original intention from the creator is only a key. Everything can be fantastic or negligible; everything can be hidden inside a vague void, waiting for the viewers’ interpretations. Looking is the experience, and thus the result.”

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