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Artists Present

Art is life, life is not only art. "Artist Present" will strive to achieve transboundary and interdisciplinary collaboration with artists and friends from all walks of life, where everything is possible.


Creation and Semiotics

Jingyao Huang  |  Man Zhu  |  Shuai Xu

Man Zhu-1994&1999_HoldonMyHand - MAN ZHU.jpg
Jingyao Huang_Let Its Line Down Into the Stream#2_1 - JY Huang.JPG

“Nothing is a sign unless it‘s interpreted as a sign."

In November’s column, artists Jingyao Huang, Man Zhu, and Shuai Xu, and semiotic expert Yuan Yuan were invited to have a profound and intriguing conversation about meaning-making and understanding of artworks from the lens of semiotics.

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