Chinese Artists in America Network

CAAN is dedicated to promoting the voices and expressions of the Chinese expat artists in the United States, and helping them form an effective network for opportunities and equality. Although the number of Chinese students has been increasing at an accelerated rate among international students in North America, those who practice studio/theoretical art remain relatively few and marginalized. In a milieu where the social neglection makes it hard to allocate necessary resources to these young talents, we aim to establish an artist-run organization to support the artists and their unique talents. We want to help them get more opportunities, establish communities and make more friends.


Aug 06, 8:30 PM EDT
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Jun 05, 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM EDT

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Endless Shadowlands


He Yunchang

Pioneer Salon

Keeping Promise2003.jpg

Shiqian Pan  |  Shu Yang  |  Ye He 

In July, we invited three artists who graduated from Europe to share their works with us, to inspire the audience to think about the meaning and nature of occult in the current environment.


Xibei Jia  |  Yujie Zhou  |  Wanyue An |  Xinyu Li  |  Jing Zhang

In May, invited psychoanalyst led the audience through the artistic life of Dora Maar. Led by 3 artists, we started the ideological collision across time and space with audiences.


Yucen Yao  |  Yumeng Zhang  |  Yujian Cui  |  Yuzhi Chen  |  Yaozhi Liu  |  YinJia Liu  |  LanZexin Yang  |  Lanzexin Yang

In the "Artists Present" event held in March, we invited 6 artists to show their works to the audience, and had in-depth discussions on the future direction of the project.